Magic has been around for a very long time and were respected by great kings and queens. The very first record of an account of magic dates back almost five-thousand years ago in Eygypt. It was said that Cheops, the pharaoh who had ruled over the Great Pyramid, summoned the oldest known magician, named Dedi.

  Dedi was said to be able to restore the heads of decapitated animales and and make wild beast obey him. It was also rumored that this amazing magician was 110 years old. Once Dedi came to the pharaoh, Cheops wanted to see Dedi restore the head of a decapitated human, but Dedi denied the request. Instead Dedi restored the heads of a goose and pelican; Dedi had perfomed magic.

As time would go on magic would evolve and change through time. Magic would be become popular and even against the law. For instance, the picture on the right show the Salem Witch Trials where people were accused of using magic for witchcraft.Some people would use magic to cheat in poker games and would be punished. Magic would also tie to witchcraft and if performed, peolple would tke it seriously and put the magician to death. But as time would pass magic would be accepted as a form of entertainment and art.

   Magic will be in our culture for many years to come and changes everday. Just look at the tricks and illusions performed by Criss Angel and compare those to magicians of the past. Magic is an art loved by many.